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Ways to help children avoid being victims of sexual abuse

Have the talk with your children as early as possible

Teach them the underwear rule – anything covered by underwear is private

Teach them the real names of private parts – there is nothing to feel weird about

Teach them no keeping secrets

Pray that they will not fall into the hands of evil people

Teach them the difference between appropriate and inappropriate behaviour

Empower them to say No. Even if it is an adult asking them to do something that feels wrong

Parents should know what sign to lookout for in the case of abuse

Communication often and believe them if they tell you an uncle, neighbour or tacher behaving funny

Be careful who your child is spending time with over 80% of abuse is from people the child knows – not stangers

Talk about it often – once is enough

You can give them a code word they can use when they are feeling unsafe.

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